7 out of 10 smokers that switch fully to vaporizers never go back to harmful cigarettes.

Quit smoking and start vaping.


It's Not the Nicotine

The AAPHP states:

“Substances in the cigarette smoke, other than the nicotine, inhaled deep into the lung, cause most  of the tobacco-attributable illness and death in the United States.”

The AAPHP recommends electronic cigarettes as a less hazardous smoke-free tobacco/nicotine product.

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Don't Be Radioactive

Australian scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki says the polonium released in tobacco cigarettes  is the equivalent to 200 chest x-rays a year for people who smoke a pack of cigarettes every day.

Tobacco smoke from cigarettes contains a small amount of polonium isotope 210, which can become deposited inside smokers’ airways and deliver radiation directly to surrounding cells.

The lungs of smokers can be exposed to four times more polonium than those of non-smokers and specific parts may get a hundred times more radiation.

Eliminate Toxic Poison

While cigarettes have hundreds, sometimes thousands of various chemicals that are harmful for your body, often carcinogenic (have been proven to cause cancer), vape juice only has 3:

  • Nicotine
  • Propylene glycol (not Ethylene glycol – which is toxic). Used in asthma inhalers and nebulizers.  An experiment using animals determined “air containing these vapors in amounts up to the saturation point is completely harmless”. The USA FDA has classified propylene glycol as “generally recognised as safe”.
  • Vegetable glycerol – low toxicity. Used in medications, cosmetic and food items.

Saving your own life has never been so easy.


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Join Hundreds of Thousands of Others Who Have Already Made the Switch.

The Fresh Vape Team is dedicated to helping smokers save their own lives by introducing them to the best vaporizer technologies that will optimally support the process of quitting smoking.

Million People Alive Right Now With Smoking Related Illness


Success Rate Trying to Quit Smoking Without Vaporizers Alternative

Number of People That Die Every Year Due to Smoking Cigarettes

Find the Best Vaporizer Starter Kit For You

At Fresh Vape, we help beginner vape smokers to get into the right vaporizer starter kit that works for their preferences and needs. Vaporizing is not a one shape fits all hobby. There are so many options to choose from with both the hardware technology side and with the juices. Our simple 4 step process makes the process of finding the right kit for you a breeze.

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What Does a Vape Starter Kit Include?

A starter kit for vaping includes a vaporizer tank, battery, and USB charger. You can also optionally add a sample pack of vape liquid e juices based on your preferences and budget.

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How Fresh Vape Can Help You Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

Vaporizer Starter Kits

Our team has hand selected the best vaping starter kits in both quality and value, so that your selection process is seamless and all of our customers are beyond satisfied with their vaping experience.

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Vape Mods

Once you’ve had a chance to get to know vaporizers, and sampled some juices, the next step is to start exploring various hardware technology vape mods, which are built to enhance and customize your vaping experience.

Check out the My Fresh Vape Pro Site for more information, product selection and shopping vape mods.

Vape Juice

We spent significant time and research in finding the absolute best and healthiest vape juices in the market. The sample packs that we have assembled are the best of the best, and come highly recommended not just by us, but by our customers too.

The Case To Quit Smoking and Start Vaping is Clear

There are 3 major reasons in your life that will ensure that you’ll never look back on this decision.


Vibrant Life. Your Health.

Quitting smoking harmful cigarettes is a sure path to healing your body and living a long, fulfilling and healthy life.


Finances. Save Money.

Let’s face it, we could all use a little extra cash to be investing in our own lives in better ways. Cigarettes are a major drain on the wallet.


The People You Love.

Your family loves you, and wants you around to be healthy, and present, and available for them to enjoy for years to come.

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Look No Further.